Country business provides unique gift basket items

Unique gourmet baskets should have unique gourmet food items in them. That’s what I believe. One of the things I love to do, and something I think makes our gift baskets special, is adding little recipe tip cards because not everyone knows the special ways to use a hot jelly (as chicken marinade for example) or an antipasto.

And one of our latest discoveries on our way up to Midland is Country Meat Cuts in Utopia (and finding this shop indeed made it Utopia!) where we found some incredible jellies, relishes and pickled white beats that we think will bring some real pizzazz to our gift baskets. Ond one of the things I totally loved about this shop was Rafee. He has lots of interesting and innovative ideas for use of these products (like mixing some hot jelly with cream cheese and smoked salmon and using it as a canapé spread topped with capers). We will be passing our favourites along to you in our blogs and on the tip cards in our gift baskets.

So if you’re ever in the area of Utopia, I encourage you to visit Country Meat Cuts, you won’t be disappointed.

And if you get to Midland, stop in at Ciboulette et Cie and pick up some of the best EVOO & rosemary crisps you’ve every had!

More about that next time.

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