Choosing the right gift selection all the time

As gift consultants and specialists in the gift basket, gift giving business we constantly push ourselves to ensure each gift is not only unique but that each gift basket is the right fit for each recipient.

Unique Gifts for Men

We do a lot of gift baskets for corporations where it’s important that we match the right gifts to the individual. After all what’s the point in sending a basket full of gifts that no one will appreciate.

Recently I revisited some gifts for corporate clients that are often received by men, and in the process I came up with a few new ideas that I thought I’d pass on.

Ready to eat meals – Hey ladies, this is a no-brainer. Let’s face it, what person (particularly men) wouldn’t love to receive imported Italian pasta and sauces, Caesar salad dressing, bread sticks, etc., along with easy instructions that show you how to serve it up easily in no time.

Entertaining items – Bloody Mary/Caesar mixes with a jar of spicy green beans to serve as a side dish.

Antipasto and crackers – with handy tip cards that show you how to serve it to your guests and what to serve it on.

Pick up your corporate colors – bows that not only incorporate your colors (after all it is about you!) with a wired rope addition – my new favorite – the metro man bow!

And of course, sweets – chocolate covered granola, chocolate bark

Gift baskets for men! Often a conundrum? Not for us!  If you have any ideas on unique gifts for men that you’ve found, we’d like to hear from you.

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