Concierge Services

Simplify your life! Let us do the worrying!

BellLifestyles Plus was created to improve the balance between personal life and business life and allow the individual better quality and quantity of personal time, whether in the workplace or in personal life. The Lifestyles Plus personal system will enhance your personal time by doing all the things you don’t have time for! Just hand off your to-do list to us and we will take care of the rest….home fluffing, holiday decorating, yard redesign/maintenance, vacation home visitation, elder care, moving and unpacking…just to name a few!

Rates for Personal Concierge service are $40 per hour with a minimum of one hour. Discounts available on multiple hours.

Interested in on-Site Corporate Concierge Service?  Read On!

Lifestyles Plus will custom design your concierge service to meet your exact needs – implementation of a full onsite concierge service offering personal and corporate errands and including volume discounts to you and your clients/staff can be easily set up within a few short weeks. The Lifestyles Plus personally tailored program, complete, with training, service recording and billing data base, customized reports, and contact lists will increase staff retention and enhance your reputation as a leading edge, caring employer!

Programs range from full onsite/offsite managed independent programs to more cost effective programs designed to suit your budget. And if your upcoming conference requires special attention to detail for your attendees, an onsite concierge service can take care of all their needs!

As part of the Concierge Service offerings, Lifestyles Plus understands that many smart companies have already centralized at least some of their services; i.e.: travel, office supplies, etc. Lifestyles Plus will enhance your company’s financial efficiency by centralizing other areas of your business such as staff gifts, events, branding merchandise, training programs, etc. And we do as much or as little as you need… whether you simply need a review and realignment or full management of the program (design, print, distribution, inventory control). Let Lifestyles Plus help you know the real costs of your business ensuring realistic budgeting and cost containment.

Concierge Case Studies