New for Baby – lovely baby gift baskets

New baby Basket

Baby gifts, baby gifts! Here at Lifestyles Plus we are always searching for new, high quality, unique items to bring to our customers.

There is nothing I enjoy more than finding new and exciting things to add to our baby gift selection. Baby gifts that are hand made, or unique in some way. Things you don’t see everywhere.

It is always astonishing to me how many incredibly talented people there are out there! Out of the mainstream and usually a little tricky to find, but very special people nonetheless.

Baby blanket

New this season – quilted blankets, creams and washes for baby and mom.

This summer on my travels to Nova Scotia, I met the loveliest woman who is in her 60’s and is just a dynamo! Marge not only has a whole line of preserves she makes using berries from her own property, she also sews, knits and crochets (as well as other things, I am quite sure). She and I hit it off instantly and now I am awaiting the final shipment of baby products I ordered from her – knitted baby hats, beautiful baby blankets, and so much more.

As well, I recently was travelling in northern Ontario, and met another lady who makes her own natural soaps, creams and lotions! And she has a whole baby line which will enable us to add natural baby soaps and creams to our baby gift line!

So, when you are thinking of your next baby gift, and you’re looking for something unique, remember we have already done the search and we continue to bring you wonderful new products to our line of baby gifts.