Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Time’s running out – but not to worry. Here are a few last minute gift ideas for you that may help to calm the nerves this Christmas.
Bluetooth Headset

  1. Bluetooth headset – Most of Canada has recently made it a law to go hands-free while driving, which makes this a great ‘last minute’ gift idea. A good head set for a mobile phone will probably cost about $60. You can pick them up at most consumer electronics stores or Rogers and Telus retail stores.
  2. Rechargeable batteries – At some point during the holidays, you’ll be looking for these. SANYO’s Eneloop nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries hold up to 1,000 charges before you have to replace them. They are future friendly.
  3. Tote bag – It’s sounds simple and it is. Take your gift(s) and wrap them in a tote bag. Unlike wrapping paper that’s quickly tossed into the garbage and our landfills, tote bags are reuseable.
  4. Homemade family calendar – Elderly friends and family members love gifts with meaning which makes family photos very popular. But have you ever thought about taking those photos and producing a calendar? Now you can and it’s not expensive. See Black’s stores or other photo centres for all details.
  5. Speaking of photos – The best gifts are the ones you make! Turn you photos into keepsakes – perfect for holiday gift-giving. Go to any of the Apple stores and create a beautiful photo book. They’re very reasonably priced starting at about $30.
  6. Home made coupons – With today’s software they’re easy to make and people always appreciate them. Something like, “This voucher is good for an evening of FREE babysitting”. It’s cost conscious and has a lot of meaning, you just have to make sure you follow through on your voucher.
  7. Digital picture frames – Make the most of your holiday photos in this digital world. Proudly display your digital photos on a digital frame. An 8″ LCD screen will run you about $150.
    PS – you can add music to your production as well.
  8. Car wash – I think this is a great gift idea, not just because I’m a bit of a clean freak… I simply love a clean car. Most ‘hand wash’ car washes today have a package deal… buy so many car washes for a fixed price and keep your car clean inside and out all winter long.
    Christmas Gifts
  9. Board game(s) – Here’s something that you probably didn’t know… you can customize Monopoly – choose a theme and personalize your board. It may be too late this year, but you can purchase a Monopoly Gift Voucher right now.
  10. Pre-paid phone card – E.T. phone home! Now there’s no excuse for not calling back home. Great for students living away from home… and, it slips easily into a card or a letter.
  11. LED flashlight – Handy for that handy person. Heck, a flashlight is something that you will always use. An LED flashlight can last for 6 hours of continuous time before recharging. Find them for as little as $20.
  12. Cocktail party set – Dress it up with a few limes and mixes and your recipient will surely share the festive spirits – hopefully with you.
  13. Travel mug – Everyone loves coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Why not pair one of them up with a good looking travel mug. I take mine everywhere and I don’t know what I would do without it. Check out Starbucks, they have a great selection of everything you need. Maybe throw in a gift card as well.
  14. An extraordinary book – This is the kind of coffee-table book that you will reference forever. Extraordinary Uses For Ordinary Things lists 2,317 ways to save money and time. The how-to hints use everyday household ingredients and items to make life just that much better. Around $15 at Chapters.
  15. Gift cards – OK, I left this as the last resort. Gift cards are great but they’re not that personal. However, in a pinch you can always fill an envelope with one and there are no shortage of stores that carry them. From consumer electronics to lingerie to restaurants – take your pick. Just make sure there is meaning behind the gift.