Fall Harvest – Fun Squash Recipes

Acorn SquashFall being the wonderful harvest season with so many wonderful vegetables in abundance, I found myself listening to a program about squash. So many kinds of squash! And a rather funny word – reminds me of Squaaabb!

I know we all have some great recipes – baked, soups, casseroles, and of course spaghetti squash – so I thought I would share a couple I thought were new and interesting and that I had never heard before.

The first one is for kids and is a ‘treat’ or ‘dessert’. All you do is halve the squash, clean out the seeds, poke it and fill it with marshmallows and nuts or trail mix, etc. Then wrap it in tinfoil and bake it. The gal who called it in said her kids loved it and she often did it on camping trips and cooked the foil pouches right on the coals… what a great way to get nutrition into the kids! So if you try it, let me know how it goes.

The second was from a truck driver who called in… obviously a foodie! He made what he called twice baked squash. Just halve, clean and poke the squash then bake it. When it is done, or almost done, he takes out half the squash and mixes it with rice, cooked turkey, and some spices. He refills the halves and sprinkles with cheese (any hard Italian cheese), then rebakes it until it is heated through and browned on top. Doesn’t that sound terrific – a meal in a dish!

Happy squashing and do share your favourites!

PS – One lady who had difficulty cutting her squash in half because of arthritis in her hands, put it in a plastic bag and dropped in on the garage floor – I love sharp chicks!