I highly recommend Lin and her team. I’ve used her services on many occasions and she always exceeds my expectations. She masterminded a 50th birthday party for my husband, from balloons to catering and everything in between, so that we felt like pampered guests at our own party! She’s organized a dog-walker for a client, and even did my Christmas tree from start to finish!

Lifestyles Plus is a fabulous service and I’m happy to recommend Lin.

Ann Richards


Lifestyles Plus provides a convenient service offering that I have come to depend upon for all special occasions and events. Lifestyles Plus receives an exceptionally high score for my client satisfaction rating. Among the many attributes reliability, dependability, responsiveness, creativity, courteous and quality service rank highest. Thus the reasons for many years of repeat business and long standing business relationship.

Bud McAdoo
Deloitte Inc


Lin Cullen and her team at Lifestyles Plus are an absolute treat to deal with and a great Canadian Find!! Cyndi Avant is a Busy and Successful Realtor in Boca Raton, FL who has many Canadian Clients that buy and sell property with her. She likes to send Unique and well thought out gifts of appreciation to her clients. This is where Lin comes in! She helped us find just the right gifts and coordinated the delivery of the gifts that were time sensitive. Her presentation was awesome and communication terrific. We are so glad we found her and we look forward to a great ongoing relationship. Thanks again Lin

Karen McMenemy
Delray Beach, FL


Lifestyles Plus gift baskets offer some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. I was looking for a creative gift basket to give to my boyfriend’s mother, as she had just tragically lost her brother. I wanted to get her something that would make her smile, aside from the normal flowers. She loves diet coke so I googled ideas involving her favorite drink and saw Lifestyles’ adorable and quirky ‘Diet Coke Head Gift Basket.’ Immediately I knew this would bring a much needed smile to her face. Lin was extremely helpful in helping me with my gift order, even calling and emailing me personally. Her creativity has inspired me to give someone a fun gift that will truly brighten their day during a dark time. I would highly recommend her shop to anyone looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one for any occasion.

Darcie Bernier