Holiday Gifts 2015

Welcome to Lifestyles Plus! It was created to provide the means for smart busy people just like YOU to budget time for the lifestyle you want to lead. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, creative solutions and product sourcing.

Lifestyles Plus is proudly Canadian and independently owned and operated by Lin Cullen.

Lin has 30 years experience including the fashion and hospitality industry, and in the corporate world assisting busy professionals. As a result of these experiences Lin recognizes the need to keep your life SIMPLE.

Lifestyles Plus was created and implemented within a large corporation and over the next ten years went on to be implemented with similar services in other locations, both nationally and internationally.

Everything we do, is customized to suit YOUR needs. Please take a peek at some of the pages that might be of interest to you as we tell our story.

1-1Holidays 2016

“I love the Christmas-tide, and yet, I notice this,
year I live; I always like the gifts I get,
But how I 
love the gifts I give!”
– Carolyn Wells

Why Lifestyles Plus?
We are the Smile Producers!!

We’re green, specializing in local food and artistic products supporting our Canadian farmers, food producers, artists and craftspeople…we hope you will too!


  • We create our gifts with a 360 degree visual and we wrap and bow and bauble everything by hand
  • We love what we do (customized gifts for you)
  • We work ourselves silly to bring you the perfect gift/product because you’re worth it!
  • We’re eco friendly and offer two types of service –Green thoughtful and Green Plus
  • We keep you on Trend.

Life is just too short not to give impeccable, thoughtful gifts.

If you scroll down below, we will also touch on the back story of some of our favourite suppliers, all of whom we’ve come to know and appreciate, and their story shapes our story.

Thank you for your time and enjoy!

Our featured product this year!

3Janelle, an East Coast artist who started off just having fun making gifts for her friends and family, now does this full time! These Hand blow glass ornaments and glass pens are one of a kind! The pen comes with ink and when it is put in the pen it swirls throughout the pen creating a beautiful, fun piece! Ornaments are $35 each with discounts on multiples and the pens are $75 each and are also available using coloured glass. Give these beautiful pieces on their own, or combine with your favourite treats/products for a truly great gift!

Another featured product this year!


Recently discovered this fun Holiday item!
Yes. It’s a hat made out of socks.

It’s also a multifunctional and totally reversible unit! With UNLIMITED styling options, (comes with it’s very own style flow chart kit page)…a sculpture for your head. Available Branded with your logo…minimum quantities apply.

A great add in to a gift or as a event handout!!

Boxed Eco Friendly Gifts




Our continued commitment to our planet…

In our Green Plus Selection of gifts, we use eco-friendly rigid boxes which are lovely enough to simply bow. They are made with recycled material, are reusable and biodegradable, and are made in Canada.

Our crinkle and tissue is all eco-friendly and made with recycled material and is recyclable.

Burlap continues to be on trend as a background texture and in some instances we include burlap table runners.

We also offer the use of seed paper tags should you wish.




Our Green Thoughtful
Container Packaging


Our container packaging is pretty special too! Made up of totally reusable containers and ribbons (which are all at least 1 yard long) will be reused again and again…planters, ice buckets, magazine containers, bamboo fruit and salad bowls! Choose your container, add our reusable ribbons, and our eco friendly cello, and fill it with all Canadian products or a mix of your faves…Customized just for your price point and favourite products!



‘Mr. B’, as he is affectionately known, started working with wood as a hobby many years ago. His pieces are mostly one of a kind using wood primarily from the Georgian Bay area where he resides; Some made of wood that is over 500 years old and come with a certificate of authenticity. He is currently perfecting his new line of sushi boards!

One of our favourite gifts this year!! Make it your own and switch it up with a natural wood and a pattern wood…a lot easier after that glass of wine! $250. and wrapped up in our eco friendly packaging!



This is a family owned pottery company in southern Ontario creating various pieces in a variety of colour combinations from which to choose. Shown here, the hand carved platter, large platter, and Tapas dish. Our favourite colours – white, grey shades, and ebony! A perfect gift individually or as a base for treats!

Canadian Art Pieces

A company we’ve been partnering with for over 15 years! All of these gift are Native and Canadian made designs. They are of very high quality and can be used as substitutions in gifts or given on their own. For more information about any of these gifts, please contact us.


$60.00 Eagle Playing Card Box – Sculpted by West Coast artist Thomas McPhee with the precision which has made him renowned. “As a master of classical realism, McPhee brings a richly tactile quality and graceful and fluid style to his work. He achieves breathtaking detail.” This box is made from Recycled Glass.


$39.00 Letter opener cast in fine, lead free Pewter, s/s blade, featuring Native design carved handle. Made in Canada.


$62.00 Native motif desk box with pewter – available in two sizes, Made in Canada shown here 4” diameter The Northwest Coast Natives have a perception of oneness of all earth’s creatures, human and animal-that humans may transform into animals, birds, fish and mythical creatures and back again. Once transformed they take on the essence and spirit of that being. Their art reflects this transformation and is carved into this box made of crushed black marble.

Putting it all Together – The Onesie!


All individually wrapped onsie pieces…perfect for office sharing… Included in these eco friendly Canadian boxes: chocolate shortbread cookies, assorted fudge pieces, individual chocolate pieces (all locally and hand made) – from left to right…$60, (60 – 70 pieces) $70, (55 ish pieces) $120 (180 – 200 pieces)… Also available in other price points to suit your budget! How fun is that!


The Big Share! Staring at $100 – Our Eco Friendly boxes with a wonderful combo of sweet and savory!

Also available: the small share and the medium share starting at $75

Another great Lifestyles Plus Green Plus gift!

Putting it all Together – Various


A simple concept…
give us your price point and whether its individual, or shared or a combo…
we’ll make it work!

If you would like to book a presentation to custom create your gift and make it your own and try our product, just call or email us!

And for something completely different!


The twig box wrapped in burlap ribbon Shown here: the small Twig box above starting at $75 and the large Twig box starting at $100 For example: small Twig contents: Salt and caramel cookies, Chocolate stuffed shortbread cookies, milk chocolate raisin pouch x 2, turtle two pack, chocolate nut cluster, Buttered almonds and cashews, chocolate covered oreo 3 pack, chocolate truffle six pack assorted, etc. We encourage you to make it your own!

Putting it all Together – Theme Gifts!

Something Different – All about Honey! From our local Honey source…support your bees!



Perfect for sharing in an office or as a personal gift! Pistachio dish (approx $100.00) or slap dish or brie baker (approx. $85.00). Larger sizes available using Ebony platters, hand carved platters, etc.

Other fun ideas!


Take this antique six compartment metal carrier with wooden handle and make it a onsie, a shared or an individual…easy peasy! Starting at $85


Take this funky coat rack with coat hook and wire hat/glove rack, turn it around, and fill it with goodies – starting at $120

Other fun ideas!


A great storage box turns into a tasty gift – approx. $80 – $100


The perfect guy gift! Wire hanging tool rack complete with Job Jar filled with individual candies (cuz you know it will be empty soon!) and other great treats!

Glass and Recycled glass


I met Jenn through a referral and then at an art exhibit. She and her husband are very interesting and devoted artists living in eastern Ontario.

There is a natural slant to all of their work, combining blackened wood and flowing glass, the glass containers with the log feel and their recycled glasses for home and entertaining.

Scrabble tile wine glasses/tumblers, tic tac toe glasses and spiked wine goblets and old fashion glasses are just a few of their very fun items.

More Ornaments…
On their own or added to a Gift!


Hand painted by native artists ! All approximately $24. each

Ahh, Spa!


The Spa Gift – in a container or in an eco friendly box – a fabulous gift either way! Using lots of locally made, pure products.

Choose your items and we will make it or leave it to us. Some of the products used in these gifts: Dickey Bee hand cream, bath mitt, votive candle, mani/pedi set, Bath pillow, coconut milk soap, aloe essence face mask, bracelet, green tea essence face mask, cucumber pads, sweet orange body cream, foot bed time booties, moisturizing gloves, bath salts, Coco & Oatmeal soap, etc. Add our hand blown glass ornament for additional $40

Last year’s fave and still hot! – if you haven’t done it…try it…Many Are!


And this one was an all time favourite! All natural wood board with eco friendly box containing: burlap table runner, pewter eagle handled meat/cheese knife (see below), wood stopper, ebony pinch pot, red pepper jelly, Italian mustard fruits and apple butter…many of which are from our collections on previous pages. The response was amazing! Cross-over clients called, tenants called, and even wives of tenants called to tell us how thoughtful and fabulous they were!!!

The Smile Producers
Lifestyles Plus!!

We’d love to create your perfect gift. Call or email us today!

Toronto Area (416)504-5455
Barrie & Area (705)526-0055

The Fine Print…

Thank you for your time! If you are looking for something other than what you’ve seen, please let us know!

We hope we will have the opportunity of working with you this Holiday Season!

A few other notes of interest:

Your gifts will be created especially for you and according to our discussion/pictures

A decorative tag with your logo and message will be present on each of your gifts. If you wish to use our seed paper tags, they are also available.

A 50% deposit is due on confirmation of your order. Remaining 50% will be processed on delivery of your order. We accept Visa, Master Card or corporate cheque. Note: for ease of transaction we are happy to take full amounts on order.

Minimum quantities apply on individual hand out items on first two pages.

Pricing does not include taxes or shipping/handling.

Delivery charges for multiple corporate orders:

  • One location, drop off at the dock or near dock (same level) — $25 per location and $2.75 per basket
  • One location, entry through dock/freight elevator (different level) — $25 per location and $3.00 per basket depending on time/complexity (ie: is there a freight elevator, etc.)
  • Delivery to individual units — $25 per location and $3.25 per basket

For more information, please contact us:
Toronto Area (416)504-5455
Barrie & Area (705)526-0055